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How turning the Murder of Kitty Genovese into a parable erased its particulars.

When US soldiers venture abroad, women’s bodies can become the occupied territories.

Ebooks - Molly Ivins

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We can, and must, create common ground between the labor and climate movements.

“Environmentalism” has failed. The planet now needs a movement far more radical.

It’s not like women’s rights or prison reform. There are too many people making money out of feeding our insatiable demand for more.

Without hope, the horror of climate change paralyzes rather than politicizes.


Along the US-Mexico border, the high-powered cameras are pointed at you and the drones are above you.

Gabriel García Márquez

He taught us how to live with loss, and he told us, over and over again, that other utopias are possible.

Wendy Kopp

Even the organization's own recruits are uncomfortable with its explosive growth.




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